Mid-week memories

Mid-Week Memories.

Why book a mid-week Limo Ride?

Here are 7 good reasons (for starters), in no particular order:

1) You’ve had a bad start to the week and need to break it up, (like take the day off and do a Wednesday Wine tour!)
2) You don’t want to wait for the weekend
3) Your Birthday falls on a weekday
4) Your partner’s Birthday falls on a weekday
5) You’d like to have more than one glass of wine with dinner
6) Reservations anywhere usually aren’t necessary on a weekday
7) Limousines have more availability during the week

Why wait till the weekend to have a great time? Reward yourself, (your friends, family, co-workers, employees) and create some new memories!

Mid Week Weddings

Midweek Weddings are becoming more popular. You can obtain either the same venue for less cost, or your budget gets you a nicer venue. Booking mid-week means you can use some of the extra money for those extra little touches. Honeymoon, again you could get more for less by starting your honeymoon mid-week.
We are seeing a trend whereby couples want to get married on their engagement date, which often falls on a week day.
Guaranteed, your dream venue is going to be busy on weekends!
Booking your wedding for a mid-week date could result in getting married sooner and for much less.
You may be worried about your guests getting time off of work to attend your wedding. We can tell you that most people are more than happy to book time off to celebrate the joining of the wedding couple.

We provide luxury VIP limousine service for personal & corporate transportation, as well as limousine rentals for all of your special occasions. We provide limo services for Weddings, Bachelor-ette, Prom, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Wine and Craft Beer Tours. Make any occasion a day to remember.
Arrive in style at concerts and sporting events, or simply a special night out with family and friends.
We are here to give you an immeasurable “feel good” experience at a rate that more than justifies the quality of services.



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