Holiday Season Staff Appreciation is coming up!

Why hire a limousine for your Staff Party?

Because all our Limousines come with experienced and professional chauffeurs. All you have to do is get in, enjoy the pleasant ride, bump your own beats on our Blue Tooth stereo system and arrive in style. Once you booked, the limousine will pick everyone up at the agreed location, drop you wherever you need to go, wait for you there if you want, and bring you back once you are ready to leave. Isn’t that convenient? What’s more, nothing beats our limousines when it comes to comfort. Our vehicles are roomy, clean, and can fit up to 12 people, or collectively we can take up to 20 people with both limousines.

Shared travel in a limousine is cheaper, and much more fun!

When attending a big occasion with colleagues, limousines are more economical because the expense is shared. Once you make the calculations, you will notice that you will spend less than what you’ll all pay when you take different cars or taxis to the occasion i.e.: parking costs, gas, or the possibility of something going wrong by leaving your car outside somewhere overnight, not to mention the hassle of picking your car up the following day, or run the risk of your car being damaged over night?

It’s a delight for those who do not or cannot drive.

Every day people are faced with situations making it impossible for them to drive. Perhaps you want to indulge in alcohol at your event, or you just want to relax and enjoy the ride. By renting a limousine, you will benefit from the luxury of having drinks and not worrying about how you or your staff are going to get safely home.

The party starts immediately when you get in the limousine!

Each time you need to be transported in the party spirit, you just need to get our limo to boost your spirit some more. Why should you wait to arrive at the venue to begin the music? With our limo, the fun starts right away!

Alternatively, our limo could be the pre-venue or even the venue itself. This means you get to have fun and sing your fav tunes while on the move. Maybe a cruise around before your event and see some Christmas Lights displayed around Nanaimo before you’re dropped off?

Another unique benefit offered by LimoRide Co is the amenities. You can bring your party supplies on the bus including snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and decorations. Or we can decorate the limo by request for almost any occasion for example, retirement, staff appreciation, or how about employee of the month?

Bottled water on ice is always provided to our patrons, at no extra charge. It’s important to stay hydrated, especially if you may be drinking alcohol at your event.

With all these reasons, you can’t afford to ignore the benefits of hiring a limousine for your staff party or next big event. Hope to see you soon!

** Please note that the consumption of alcohol is illegal in a moving vehicle in the Province of BC, so feel free to indulge before, during and after your event **

Christmas Staff Appreciation

A limousine for your Staff Christmas Party!

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