What makes a great Limo Driver

When you’re searching for a professional limo company for your event, you have a lot of choices. Most companies will have a good-sized fleet, clean vehicles, and extra bonuses available to their clients. However, what sets the “okay” limousine companies apart from the excellent ones is most often the drivers. No matter how fancy and extravagant your limo is, if your chauffeur is rude or late, your night is likely to be ruined. Read on to find out what you should be looking for when it comes to picking the best limo driver.

A truly great limo driver that stands out above all the rest will do whatever it takes to make your experience one you will always remember.

Are they punctual?

Chances are, if you’re hiring a limo driver, it’s for a special event that is very important to you. Whether it’s your prom, your wedding, Birthday, or a very important business event, you don’t want to show up late! A great limo driver knows the golden rule that if you’re not 15 minutes early, you’re late, and arrives within plenty of time to get you to your destination.

How are their people skills?

A great limo driver is sensitive to their passenger’s needs. Are they tired from a long flight? They may just want their privacy and not be interested in small talk. Or are they excited and nervous on their way to their wedding ceremony and need to talk off the nerves? Most importantly, they should remember that a smile and a warm welcome go a long way, regardless of the situation.

How familiar are they with the area?

It should go without saying that a limo driver should know the area they’re driving in. The last thing you need on your trip is to get lost! Knowing how to avoid traffic jams and road closures is a must for a good limo driver.

What do they do to make your experience memorable?

A truly great limo driver that stands out above all the rest will do whatever it takes to make your experience one you will always remember. They will go out of their way to treat you like a king or queen on your special day. LimoRideCo takes additional photos (with your permission), and decorates the inside of the Limo to match your theme or colours.

Some additional items to consider:

The Appropriate Chauffeur’s License

Depending on the city or municipality, a chauffeur is required to hold a special class of license. Chauffeur’s also have to undergo an extensive RCMP Criminal records check with the vulnerable sector completed.

Any reputable limo company will be happy to show you proof of their drivers’ qualifications.

A Clean Driving Record

A chauffeur is responsible for ensuring the safety of all passengers, and that responsibility begins with a clean driving record. Ask your limo company about its policy regarding drivers’ records. If they’re not spotless, then find another company.

Professional Attire

Limos are typically hired for formal or special occasions such as proms, weddings, anniversaries, and business functions. You wouldn’t dream of turning up at any of these places in jeans, and neither should your chauffeur. A chauffeur should be professionally dressed – the classic black-and-white uniform is never out of place.

Adequate Training

The right license, a perfect driving record, and a sharp-looking uniform are a good start, but a great chauffeur will also be fully trained. Ask if he or she has completed a defensive driving course. There are other things to consider, too. For example, if you’re hiring a limousine for a wedding, does the chauffeur know how to help a bride with a 13-foot-train get into and out of the vehicle without creasing her gown?

Bonded Employment Status

An excellent chauffeur will be a bonded employee of the limo company, indicating that he or she is a valued, permanent, and professional member of the team. This is no place for amateurs, hacks, or contractors.


A chauffeur should always arrive at least 10 minutes early at the pickup location – no exceptions. To ensure that happens, a great chauffeur will map out all routes ahead of time, taking into account any road- or weather-related delays and planning alternate routes if necessary. The snazziest limo in the world is useless if the chauffeur arrives late, especially if that late arrival ruins a wedding, a surprise party, a business meeting, or other important occasion.

Meticulous Personal Grooming

Your chauffeur will be in close contact with your family members, friends, colleagues, customers, and prospects as they get into and out of the vehicle. A chauffeur should be meticulously groomed, with trimmed fingernails, neat hair, and clean teeth.

The Ability To Stay Calm Under Pressure

On any given day, a chauffeur might be dealing with unexpected traffic on the highway, tightly wound executives, or nervous brides (and their parents). If the chauffeur is working on prom night, or for a bachelor/bachelorette event, passengers will be excited and talking loudly over each other (and/or possibly inebriated). A great chauffeur will have nerves of steel and the ability to handle any situation calmly.


A chauffeur is privy to all sorts of moments in people’s personal and professional lives – and sometimes the privacy screen might not be raised all the way up. An excellent chauffeur practices discretion, decorum, and confidentiality at all times.

Firsthand Knowledge Of The Area

Yes, GPS devices are widely available these days – but nothing replaces a good sense of direction. Your chauffeur should have firsthand knowledge of the area where you’ll be riding, and should stay on top of any major road construction projects or other events that may impact your journey. You’re paying a premium for a limousine service, so you should expect to sit back and enjoy the ride – not shout directions from your seat in back.

People Skills

A chauffeur should enjoy interacting with people and providing them with excellent customer service. Chauffeur should be pleasant, polite, and know when to make conversation with passengers and when to let them ride in peace.

Thoughtfulness & Attention To Detail

A great chauffeur will anticipate passengers’ needs and plan accordingly. For example, a thoughtful chauffeur will have umbrellas, shoe-shine cloths, and tissues ready in case passengers need them. A chauffeur should also ensure the climate control systems are always in good working order so that passengers will never be too hot or too cold when they’re in the vehicle.


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